A Look at Dr. Rainbow

Dr. Rainbow is an innovative and expansive healthcare resource network for the LGBTQ community who may reside anywhere in the state of West Virginia. This website has been a vision of a health coordinator with Covenant House, Kate Veiga, for 6 years. It has just this month become a reality through the launch of the website, DrRainbow.com.

A project of Covenant House, a nonprofit based in Charleston, the Dr. Rainbow website fulfills the Covenant House mission of connecting people to culturally competent health care and other important services. The website provides information and referrals for individuals who have the fewest resources as a way of helping to establish and raise their voice in the policy-making process.

Putting Flesh on the Bones

For over a year, Kate and the Covenant House team had a skeletal vision for the actual DrRainbow.com website. “We had an idea of what we wanted and what we already knew didn’t work — we just didn’t have great help with making our vision happen,” Kate says.

It was actually Jamie who reached out to Covenant House as part of his ongoing regular community outreach. He shared his case studies with them, which they really liked. “We were also impressed with the pro-bono work Jamie does each year,” Kate adds, “and that’s what really convinced us to hire him.”

The DrRainbow.com website was being largely funded by a tobacco grant, and this funding had time constraints. “We were pretty desperate,” Kate remembers. She and her team had pinned all their hopes on Jamie, and they weren’t disappointed — in fact, they were thrilled. “Jamie was able to quickly visualize and create exactly what we wanted!”

Persistence Pays Off

The single best word to describe how Jamie built the DrRainbow.com website is, “persistence.” Kate was too busy to micro-manage Jamie, so she considered him a partner, and let him do his work. In her words, “Jamie came in and rescued us.”

He provided regular updates, which were always helpful, but the most valuable thing Jamie did was to not quit. “We were building something very complicated on a shoestring budget,” Kate explains. “Whenever there were glitches, Jamie worked tirelessly to resolve them. He took a lot of ideas and made something cohesive and fluid.”

A Sense of Pride

Kate believes that the impact of the new Dr. Rainbow website will be huge and very meaningful. “We wanted to create something that empowers people to change the narrative of either not going to the doctor or not informing doctors of their sexuality or gender status.” With the launch of DrRainbow.com on February 8, 2018, West Virginia will be the first state to have a statewide LGBTQ healthcare resource and referral website.

“Because of Jamie’s expertise and perseverance, we’ve created something that’s going to be a legacy and make a huge impact. Jamie doesn’t give up — once he’s committed, he’s gonna make it happen for you!”

Andrew Brownwvgazettelogo

In an era when the go-to source for information is a Google search, a website is often the first impression people get of a group or organization.

As a result of one group’s efforts, several nonprofit organizations in West Virginia are now able to make that first impression a good one with new website designs.

Bricks Without Straw, a Charleston-based web development and graphic design company, is accepting applications for the third year of its Frank Brown Community Partnership program, which gives nonprofits the chance to win a professionally-designed website.

By Carrie Hodousek


CHARLESTON, W.Va. — A free website design service will be offered next year to one charitable organization in West Virginia that is in need of assistance.

The Charleston-based internet marketing firm Bricks Without Straw will be accepting applications through Dec. 31. This is the third year for the contest.

Jamie Summers-Brown, president of Bricks Without Straw, said most of the time agencies don’t have someone to put a website together or they lack the funds to do so.

The State JournalJamie Summers-Brown

West Virginians are a unique collection of people. We aren’t often perceived by the outside world as diverse. We’ve accepted many to become one of us from all parts of the globe and all walks of life.

We often seem to help one another pick up the slack and when we need to organize or help one another, you often never have to ask — that’s just what we do. It’s an infectious way of life that even helps us stick out when we’re away from home.

Being a West Virginian is something you will always have and comes with a large number of mannerisms. These mannerisms stay with you no matter where you call home.

The State JournalState Journal
By Cynthia McCloud

A West Virginia charitable organization could win free website services for one year from Bricks Without Straw, a Charleston internet marketing and website design firm.

For the second year, Bricks Into Straw founder Jamie Summers-Brown is seeking a beneficiary for his partnership program, the Frank Brown Community Trust. Summers-Brown, a winner of The State Journal's 2014 Generation Next: 40 Under 40 award, said he named it for his grandfather, from whom he learned philanthropy.

“My grandfather was very influential in my life and I picked up a lot of his philosophies and mannerisms in regards to how you want to treat other people,” Summers-Brown said.

By Shauna Johnson

metronews logo v2

CHARLESTON, W.Va. – For the second year, a Charleston internet marketing and website design firm is offering its web design services to one charitable organization in West Virginia free of charge.

“It’s super rewarding and it’s a lot of fun for us to do,” said Jamie Summers-Brown, president of Bricks Without Straw, of the Frank Brown Community Partnership.

Last year, in its inaugural year, the Bob Burdette Center Afterschool Program on Charleston’s West Side was selected.  For the past 12 months, Bricks Without Straw has worked to build the Center’s online presence.

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West Virginia politics is at another crossroads. With the retirement of longtime Sen. Jay Rockefeller, the landscape of West Virginia politics is going to change.

While both candidates continue to discuss why she is the better choice for constituents when it comes to coal, another major issue has been overlooked by both candidates. How does either candidate plan on continuing the relationship West Virginia has with the nation of Japan?

Except for two of the largest operating companies (Toyota and NGK), our relationship with Japan is mostly forgotten by West Virginia residents. But there are 20 Japanese companies operating in the state and many Japanese nationals working here, right alongside of us.

Jamie Summers-BrownThe State Journal's 2014 class of Generation Next: 40 Under 40

It seems as though West Virginia is full of tales about the "brain drain," or the lack of a talented, qualified workforce. Here at The State Journal we believe in promoting the good stories we know are quietly being told throughout our hills and valleys every day. 

This week, The State Journal highlights its ninth class of Generation Next: 40 Under 40, an annual award designed to shout from the mountains those stories of the incredible things professionals younger than 40 are doing throughout West Virginia. 

This year's honorees are native and adoptive West Virginians. They show leadership in various ways every day. They have created their own companies, helped other companies grow and have assisted community organizations flourish and change lives. The members of the class of 2014 have made commitments to West Virginia and the communities they call home. 

Bricks Without Straw is a digital agency and design agency based in South Charleston, WV United States and Ota, Tokyo, Japan.

We offer a range of web design services including: web development, e-commerce services and email marketing. We also offer a range of graphic design services including logo design and exhibition stands.

We love working with clients of all sizes in a range of industry sectors, creating and implementing inspiring and hard working concepts and campaigns for business-business and business-consumer clients.

Valicia Leary

Bricks Without Straw has continued to exceed our expectations with their design work, support and attention to detail. We would highly recommend their services. They have a wonderful team and we enjoy our working relationship with them.

Carol Fulks

Bricks Without Straw has continued to exceed our expectations with their design work, support and attention to detail. We would highly recommend their services. They have a wonderful team and we enjoy our working relationship with them.

Patti Hamliton

Bricks Without Straw is bringing our association into the 21st Century! He brings us ideas and innovation for our web site and other tools of technology that help us enhance our image and our message.

Rebecca McPhail

Bricks Without Straw has continued to exceed our expectations with their design work, support and attention to detail. We would highly recommend their services. They have a wonderful team and we enjoy our working relationship with them.

Bill Raney

Jamie is one of the most committed and energetic professionals we have ever worked with over the years. He seems to work all the time with full 24-7 accessibility and immediate response. Bricks Without Straw has raised our collective confidence for maximizing opportunities in today’s world. We simply could not have done it without them.

Jan Vineyard

The demands and responsibilities to our members mandate that the online presence of our associations and our internet capabilities are reliable and seamless. Add creativity to that mix and one gets the complete package with Jamie Summers-Brown and his staff at Bricks without Straw.