A Gem in Charleston

One of the attractions that makes downtown Charleston vibrant and alluring is the Capitol Market. It’s a thriving indoor/outdoor market and retail hub housed in the beautifully repurposed Kanawha and Michigan Railroad depot built in the late 1800’s. Since its inception in 1997, the Capitol Market has evolved and expanded into a flourishing arena where fresh produce, baked goods, meats and cheeses, retail shops, and highly acclaimed eateries are all on display.

The Capitol Market, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, is a year-round attraction, boasting seasonal offerings and events that draw locals and tourists. The vendors and volunteer board members regularly demonstrate their commitment to serve the community through hosting engaging events throughout the year that benefit numerous charitable and civic organizations. 

Addressing a Management Issue 

As a small nonprofit with huge responsibilities, the staff of the Capitol Market needs their daily work to be as streamlined as possible. “The agency we hired to launch our website was wonderful, but they worked with a third-party contractor to manage the website,” explains Nichole Greene-Jenkins, former executive director of the Market. “This meant that there was no single person responsible for the website, and there were too many touchpoints before we could actually get any changes made. A single change would set off an avalanche of other issues. All of these problems were amplified due to Covid.” 

Nichole and members of the board of directors decided they really needed a “one-stop shop,” a single person they could count on to receive feedback and implement changes in a timely fashion. “We decided to source out the website management to someone who would be dedicated to the website,” adds Nichole.

Kristen Harrison, board president, had previously worked closely with Jamie Summers-Brown and his team at Bricks Without Straw, and he fit the bill. “We needed Jamie to get everything under one umbrella,” says Kristen. 

New Management in Phases

Kristen recommended Jamie, who first met with the organization’s marketing committee, where he laid out his suggestions and phases. “This was a very collaborative meeting, with Jamie requesting content from the committee,” recalls Kristen. 

Steven Keith, board vice-president and chair of the marketing committee, recalls that “Jamie was passionate about giving us a great website, not just taking instructions from us. He was knowledgeable about how the website can serve as a powerful marketing tool for nonprofits and all businesses.” 

In Phase One, Jamie primarily addressed functionality issues that would make the website secure, more user-friendly, the information more accessible, and the overall appearance more interesting and inviting. “That was the whole objective,” notes Kristen, “to make all of our outward facing media more user-friendly. Jamie cut out all the fat so that folks could find information, and he made the site much easier to use.”  

“Eventually, we conducted a survey with the community to figure out what new things they wanted from the Market,” adds Nichole. This survey influenced our events and additional things to be included on the website.” 

Phase Two is essentially an ongoing phase, and according to Nichole, “It’s really a wish list of lots of ideas, like an interactive calendar and possibly redoing the logo.” In other words, Phase Two is all about implementing as many ideas as are realistically possible, whenever possible. Jamie’s marketing vision guides this phase. Steven observes, “Jamie is very proactive in suggesting changes and improvements and going beyond what our basic expectations were.” Kristen’s overall impression of how Jamie is working through Phase Two is that he keeps them out of trouble. “He’s offered suggestions about better ways of doing things, and he’s helped us anticipate what might be a problem in the future.” 

Jamie’s ongoing management of the Capitol Market website has made a noticeable difference. “We hear from customers, tenants and vendors that they can definitely tell that the site has improved and is a better representation of the market,” says Steven. Specifically, Capitol Market vendors were pleased that their challenges with a previously slow website and social media links not working had been resolved. 

Most Appreciated 

Nichole, Steven, and Kristen have enjoyed positive interactions with Jamie throughout his management of the Capitol Market website. Initially concerned they would never find their desired “one-stop shop,” Nichole is deeply appreciative that Jamie answered the call. “He was reachable and communicated clearly,” she says. 

Steven was most struck by Jamie’s sheer passion for his work and for the organizations he works with.  “Right from the start, his enthusiasm was contagious! We knew we were in good hands because he was so engaged and passionate. Jamie provided a level of confidence that I think was crucial.”

Kristen, already familiar with Jamie’s work, most appreciates Jamie’s skill and professionalism. “He is excellent at his job. He knows exactly what he’s doing, and I love working with him.”

 Although Nichole Greene-Jenkins is no longer with the Capitol Market, she remains deeply impressed by Jamie’s contribution and impact. “The Capitol Market is a nonprofit with only three people on staff. Anything that takes the weight off is great and helps with the overall synergy of the organization. Jamie’s support made our lives much easier.” 



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